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Biotec Pharmacon

design & development

Working as the Creative Lead for this Norwegian biotechnology firm has me wearing many hats. I manage, coordinate and work on all print and digital projects related to Biotec Pharmacon and it’s subsidiaries.

Biotec Pharmacons' style guide - colour and type
Biotec Pharmacons' design style
Biotec Pharmacons' logo usage

A touch of style

After wearing the same style for over 15 years it was time for a change. My first task was to revamp their style guide and create a more modern look for the company. Bold colours, a typographic refresh and some guidance about what imagery to use were a must.

Biotec Pharmacons' Annual Report cover 2016
Biotec Pharmacons' Annual Report board
Biotec Pharmacons' Annual Report cover 2016 - close up
Biotec Pharmacon website on mobile device

Cutting edge technology

Redesigning and redeveloping a website with over 10 years worth of content is no small feat. With this website rebuild I took extra care to sit down with the various stakeholders and ask them what they deemed important content. Once a consensus was agreed, I went about planning the sitemap before a single mockup was developed or line of code written.

View the live website

Biotec Pharmacon website design and front-end development
Biotec Pharmacon website displayed on a tablet
Biotec Pharmacon website displayed on mobile devices - closeup

Sharp presentations

Creating the PowerPoint template shortly after getting sign-off for the website design was crucial. This enabled the team to test the new design and gather feedback while I was developing their new website. 

Biotec Pharmacon PowerPoint template
Woman wearing Biotec t-shirt

With a touch of fun

We were allowed to have some fun along the way and I got to scratch my illustrator itch, by knocking together some t-shirts for a company shindig.

T-shirts created for a company trip to Svalbard
Polar bears wink! Booyah!
Polar bear fishing, yum! I wonder what he will catch!