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is the creative output of Rhys Jones. A photographer, graphic designer & web developer from New Zealand, currently residing in Tromsø, Norway.

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Fuck Facebook

Entry no.8

I’m done with the self masturbatory of social media, with the likes of Facebook, the loves of Instagram and the rest of that ilk. It’s a massive distraction of FOMO1, popularity contests and ego stroking. These platforms actively encourage such behaviour in order to keep users within their sites and apps for longer to increase advertising revenues and extract more data out of each individual.…

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  • Sign up for Facebook: https://t.co/B3FzVZeDLe - get to know what you’re in for. #DeleteFacebook 28 Mar @ 06:23
  • @bjango Thank you for iStat Menus, the notifications about day light savings time saved me this past Sunday! 27 Mar @ 06:13