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Woulgan Bioactive Beta-Glucan

design & development

The team at Woulgan required a clean, clear and friendly website, which is also responsive to any screen size. I designed and developed the website with constant feedback from the team at Woulgan, which made the process truly collaborative.

Woulgan website blog mobile

The perfect fit

When designing and developing the Woulgan website I paid special attention to its responsiveness, so it would display perfectly on any device. With the type of product Woulgan is, we could potentially have nurses looking up product instructions from the ward floor, GP’s reading product information from their office, or even an elderly person purchasing the product on a tablet device.

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Woulgan website on tablet devices
Woulgan website on various devices

Showing off

The Woulgan team wanted to appear friendly, fun and caring — not cold and clinical like some typical medical device company. So what started out as a Friday afternoon doodling session soon blossomed into a fully fledged mascot.

Woulgan mascot from doodle to final physical form
Woulgan mascot working the floor
Woulgan mascot working the floor somewhere else


Continuing along the same clean, clear and friendly guideline, the handful of promotional items I created reflected a similar mantra.

Woulgan magazine print advert
Another Woulgan magazine print advert