Photography usage with colour palette


design & development

Based in Tromsø, Norway, ArcticZymes leverage their access to the marine Arctic to identify novel cold-adapted enzymes for use in molecular research, diagnostics, and manufacturing. They required someone to handle various creative tasks ranging from; graphic design, web development & design, illustration, photography and campaign development. It has been a great collaborative experience where I have learned a huge amount.

ArcticZymes style guide

Vivid landscapes

When it came to creating the colour palette for ArcticZymes’ new style guide, I drew a great deal of inspiration from the environment surrounding us. This paired particularly nicely with my passion for landscape photography from around the region.

ArcitcZymes' secondary colour palette
Photography usage with colour palette
HL-SAN brochure
Viscosity reduction brochure
ArcticZymes Cod UNG promo poster
ArcticZymes Heat & Run promo poster
ArcticZymes business cards
ArcticZymes website displayed on a iPhone

Responsive website

While talking with our customers, we learned that they would visit our website on their mobile device while working in the lab. With this in mind it became imperative that not only did our website function well on mobile devices, but the information for our products was quickly and easily accessible.

View the live website

ArcticZymes website on various devices
ArcticZymes website
Website Mobile
Website Mobile Hand

Death by PowerPoint

No one enjoys the “default company template”, so I set about changing that by injecting some style and substance into each slide. Distilling the information presented down to key points and messages helped to reinforce what the speaker was saying.

ArcticZymes Powerpoint presentations


Occasionally there will be a need for something a little more experimental and fun, this is science after all! Typically the illustrations will need to explain complex workflows in a simplistic manner, involving few words. This can get tricky, but working alongside the scientists we get the results we’re after.    

Cod UNG destroying synthetic DNA
Closed test tube illustration
Open test tube illustration
Cleavage of uracil containing DNA prior to PCR
ArcticZymes roll-up promoting A'SAP

Science fair

While the enzymes that ArcticZymes manufacture are extremely small, there is still a need to show them off on the big stage. Using imagery from around the Nordic region has really helped  ArcticZymes stand out in the crowd.

Exhibition material, rollups and booth