An Arctic Fox in the snow on Senja, Norway.

I can’t wait until win­ter again here in Nor­way, I’ll be able to get more shots of these cute lit­tle guys.

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The top of Ulstinden in blizzard

Split­board­ing tour ear­ly April 2018. This is at the top of Ull­stin­den in Trom­sø, Nor­way. This is where I stopped to have lunch in the clouds. It’s about a 800 meter drop on the oth­er side of that marker. 

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Whoa! Notion has just released ver­sion 2.1 which has final­ly swayed me to switch. Reminders, inline dates, drop­ping the price of the per­son­al plan ($4 month) AND a Android app – I use iOS – but still this is great. I’ll have to do a big­ger write up on what Notion is and how I use it – at some point in the future – but for now I’ll use their strap-line

The all-in-one work­space for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases.

Find out more about Notion

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Why No One Answers Their Phone Anymore

The expec­ta­tion of pick­up was what made phones a syn­chro­nous medi­um.’ Ever stopped to think about why we feel oblig­ed to pick up the phone when it rings? Well, that’s chang­ing any­way. Phone cul­ture is dying, large­ly thanks to new tech and unso­licit­ed mar­ket­ing calls.


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Email providers for freelancers


I’ve used var­i­ous plat­forms over the past 4 years for email, ever since break­ing up with Gmail and Google. Becom­ing more seri­ous about how I com­mu­ni­cate with clients, pre­sent­ing a pro­fes­sion­al image and not hav­ing my data mined for var­i­ous pur­pos­es, I decid­ed it was high time to do some seri­ous research into find­ing a suit­able replacement.

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