About Rhys Jones

I work in both digital and print media, focusing mainly on graphic design and front-end development. Occasionally I will need to use some of my other skills, such as illustration, photography, post production and campaign development. Photography is one of my favourite past-times, so it gels nicely with my graphic design work.

Rhys under the Northern Lights, Tromsø, Norway
Under the Northern Lights, Tromsø, Norway
Photograph by Frank Meisner
The backstory

I started out in the late nineties with a copy of Netscape Composer and a youngsters curiosity for this thing called the Internet. I would study the underlying code of websites, how they interacted with databases and servers. It was a sort of magic, but a sort of magic that I could harness, I was hooked.

The following years I studied graphic design and photography, while in my spare time I would create websites for bands, small businesses, friends and family. During the early 2000’s I studied Multimedia Design and Internet Technology at a tertiary level. Here I spent my days blurring the lines between 3D modelling in Lightwave, interactive CD-ROM design in Director and post production fuckery in After Effects. My mind was racing with new ideas about how I could it bring all together in an online space.

Shortly after completing my studies I moved to Australia and soon found employment at Tower Software working as their in-house graphic designer and web master. My skill set was soon tapped by their development team and I found myself split between marketing and software development. It was a collaborative 3 year experience that was equal parts nerve-racking and enlightening.

Shifting hemispheres to Umeå, Sweden, I found employment with HP Software, remotely managing their Information Management Digital Hub and surrounding community. My limited training in film and post production proved useful, as I found myself traveling regularly to film conferences, user sessions and informational pieces across the globe. Over the course of my 4 years at HP Software, I grew immensely in both skills and maturity. I caught a glimpse into the world of mega corporations and knew it wasn’t for me.

Moving closer to the north pole landed me in Tromsø, Norway. I left my job at HP Software to join ArcticZymes as their in-house graphic designer and front-end developer. As time has passed my role within ArcticZymes has expanded to incorporate photography, illustration, campaign development, identity system development and much more. Their parent company, Biotec Pharmacon, has now employed me to manage all three of it’s child companies creative work.

However I’m still very open to interesting projects and future collaborations. If you happen to have something in mind that you feel could benefit from my skills, please get in touch. I’m particularly interested in helping out Open-source projects.